A unique robot assigned with the task of performing diagnostics and repair of wall and bottom lining of cooling ponds for the power units with VVER-1200 was tested at the Leningrad NPP. A robotic device has been designed specifically for maintenance of the new type of power plants. Its work requires no additional operations: drainage of water from the pond or fuel discharge, as has been the usual practice so far.

A distinctive feature of the robot is its multi-functionality: it searches for possible leakages, determines their coordinates, conditions the defected surface and deposits weld metal on the lining surface. Its repair modules are equipped with swinging arms. This enables operations in any pond areas difficult to access, such as the corners.

"The robot for inspection and repair of the cooling ponds lining will allow, when necessary, for prompt elimination of a leakage in a cooling pond in order to keep the design water level in it", explained the Aleksandr Belyakov, Chief Engineer, the Leningrad NPP-2.

The device was tested on a special bench, where specialists simulated the entire chain of its operations. The robot is ready to work in cooling ponds of power units No 5 and No 6 of the Leningrad NPP.