The lead universal nuclear icebreaker, the Arktika, took the Vladimir Voronin gas carrier under escort in the eastern part of the Laptev Sea, north of the New Siberian Islands, on January 6. The lead universal nuclear-powered icebreaker, the Arktika completed the escort of the gas carrier in the area of Russky Island in the Kara Sea on January 9. Atomflot’s nuclear icebfreaker made it safe for the gas carrier to pass through the difficult parts of the Northern Sea Route: the Laptev Sea and the Vilkitsky Strait.


 “Despite the challenging ice conditions, the average speed of the icebreaking assistance was about 10 knots,” - said Leonid Irlitsa, Acting Director General of Atomflot. “The ice thickness varied from seventy centimeters to one and a half meters in the Laptev Sea and in the Vilkitsky Strait. The professionalism of the crews of the Arktika nuclear-powered icebreaker and the Vladimir Voronin gas carrier is a factor contributing to making the passage safe along the entire route, while Project 22220 lead vessel once again demonstrated its exceptional technical characteristics.”


The Arktika while excorted regularly received information with navigation recommendations from the specialists of GlavSevmorput FGUP. This allowed the caravan to quickly respond to any changes.


The successful completion of the tasks of transport vessels icebreaking escort from east to west proves Atomflot’s readiness to prolong the navigation in the Northern Sea Route waters. It is noteworthy that the lead universal nuclear icebreaker Arktika escorted a convoy of small ice class ships for the first time in the history of Arctic navigation at this time of the year from east to west at the end of February 2022.



The integrated development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation is one of the national strategic priorities. The NSR cargo traffic increase is of paramount importance for the achievement of the goals set for cargo transportation and delivery. The development of this logistics passage is ensured through regular cargo voyages, construction of new nuclear-powered icebreakers and modernization of the relevant infrastructure. Rosatom companies take an active part in this work.

Efficient operation of Project 22220 universal nuclear icebreakers is a determining factor in the sustainable development of shipping in the waters of the Northern Sea Route. Three nuclear-powered ships of this Project are operating in the Arctic: the Arktika, the Sibir and the Ural. The construction of the Yakutia and the Chukotka universal nuclear icebreakers is underway in St. Petersburg. Project 22220 icebreakers will contribute to developing the transportation potential of the Northern Sea Route.