In honor of World Science Day, on November 10, Rosatom held a one-day educational campaign – the Global Atomic Quiz, in 11 languages. The initiative became a truly global event, and brought together over 12,000 nuclear enthusiasts from more than 70 countries, with representation from all continents except Antarctica.

The quiz consisted of 25 questions of varying difficulty, ranging from the basic concepts of nuclear physics to the latest world achievements in nuclear technologies. Regardless of the results, all participants received digital certificates and a title of “expert in nuclear science” based on their scores.

At the end of the quiz, nuclear experts, including scientists, university professors, and representatives of international organizations picked apart all the questions, and explained which answers were right and why. Each of 11 languages featured its own expert – all with different backgrounds and from different parts of the world. Among them were John Lindberg, nuclear expert with the World Nuclear Association (WNA) in the UK, Egor Zadeba, lecturer and engineer of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI in Russia, Asmaa Hanafi, researcher in the energy and environmental field at Alexandria University in Egypt, and Petrus Pennanen, Doctor of Nuclear Physics and member of Helsinki City Council in Finland.

The initiative has shown a great interest of the international audience in nuclear science, and the desire to test knowledge and learn something new about atoms. In response to strong interest, Rosatom will provide wider access to the Global Atomic Quiz. It will be available again on November 14 and 15 at