Russian state-owned atomic energy corporation ROSATOM participated in the third International IAEA Conference on HR development for nuclear energy programs held on 28-31 May, 2018, in Gyeongju, Republic of Korea. This conference is organized every 4 years as a platform for exchanging the best practices of human resource development in atomic industry and for identifying challenges to be faced in near and distant future. This year the event was focused on the global changes in HRD since 2014 IAEA Conference on the subject. Being a part of the organizing committee, ROSATOM played a significant role in shaping the agenda of the Conference.
The Conference started with inauguration of the Expo by the leaders of nuclear industry. T.A. Terentyeva, HR Director of ROSATOM, participated in ribbon cutting ceremony as an honored guest of the Conference. At the exhibition, ROSATOM presented a stand “ROSATOM HR Solution” with information materials about the key aspects of personnel training and development in the industry, as well as HRD technologies and practices of ROSATOM.
During the Conference , the expert group of ROSATOM participated in panel discussions, presented interactive presentations and organized a special event jointly with IAEA, where shared the best practices in workforce planning in HRD and their vision of the future development of the industry. In her speech, T.A. Terentyeva drew the attention of HR experts from international nuclear community to the importance of HRD digitalization. “Over the past five years, ROSATOM has done a great job of standardizing and automating its HR processes. It facilitates the understanding of corporate structure of the company, helps employees to define their way of development, providing them with tools for setting their personal goals. We sought to be a good partner to the business. Now we want to become a partner to each employee”, - highlighted T. Terentyeva. She also added that the major task it to provide employees with all they need for professional growth as it is personnel who play the crucial role in development of innovations and establishment of new technologies, which ensures the competitiveness of the company.
Special attention was devoted to planning human capital in a long-term perspective. ROSATOM made a special report on cooperation with international partners in HR sphere in the framework of joint IAEA-ROSATOM side event. ROSATOM presented Octopus, the structured HR Planning Informational System aimed at detailed workforce planning for the needs of the national nuclear programs of newcomer countries as well as at answering corresponding questions (budget, timeline etc.).
In addition, ROSATOM presented other HR-practices and tools, including a system for training workers and engineering personnel based on WorldSkills methodology and AtomSkills professional industry championships. Engagement and training young professionals was also emphasized as main priorities to ensure the competitive advantage of nuclear industry.
Other presentations were devoted to the engineering education transformations in digital era and leadership development among both young professionals and representatives of top management.
After the conference representatives of ROSATOM participated in the technical tours organized by IAEA. They visited NPP Shin Kori and Doosun Heavy Industries & Construction enterprise.