On November 30, Horasis Asia Meeting 2020 brought influential business leaders together online to discuss common approaches to addressing sustainable future growth. Rosatom-Japan General Director Sergey Demin represented Rosatom.

The general director took part in the “Effectively using Renewable Energy” session together with Jannie Chan, Chairwomen of Save Our Planet Foundation (Singapore), William Bohnett, Chairman of Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (USA), Ruth P. Briones, Chair and Chief Executive Officer of Greenergy Solutions (The Philippines), Ichsan Ichsan, Advisor of PT Awina Sinergi International (Indonesia), and Murthy R Nuni, Managing Director of Marshal Global Renewable Power (Vietnam). Speakers shared their views on the future of renewable energy sources in the post-pandemic era.

 Sergey Demin stated that having access to a stable and reliable energy source played a vital role in the unpredictable times. This was one of the important lessons that humanity learned during the pandemic. “We believe that balanced mix of nuclear and renewables will set the energy stage in future. In this regard, we offer various sustainable solutions. For example, a nuclear power plant operating in tandem with a wind farm or a small hydroelectric power plant. It’s worth mentioning that apart from energy generation, the nuclear power plant perfectly copes with the task of hydrogen electrolysis production,” Demin stated. He reminded that Rosatom lead the hydrogen energy R&D program in Russia that included production, storage and consumption technologies, and was currently working on the pilot projects in Asia and Europe. Rosatom has proven its place as one of the traditional nuclear energy leaders. However, in the modern world we have to respond to new challenges and market needs as well as find opportunities to evolve,” he added.

“We believe that joint international efforts to decarbonize the energy sector is the only way to achieve efficient and low carbon energy systems in the future. Working in synergy, nuclear power, renewables, hydrogen energy, storage technologies and other clean power solutions can make a big shift towards sustainable development,” Sergey Demin concluded.