On November 26, Horasis Asia Meeting 2021 brought influential business leaders together to discuss common approaches to addressing sustainable future growth. The event was organized by the “Horasis: The Global Visions Community” with support from the Pacific Basin Economic Council (PBEC), Philip Morris International and others.


Traditionally, Rosatom was represented by Rosatom-Japan General Director Sergey Demin. Mr. Demin took part in the “The Rush for Clean Energy Across Asia” session together with Parag Agarwal, Founder and CEO of JanaJal, Devin Narang, Managing Director of Sindicatum Sustainable Resource, Christian Rangen, Co-founder of Engage // Innovate, Norway, Natalie Samovich, Co-founder of Enercoutim, and Amir Yaar, Chief Executive Officer of CISH Asia Pacific. The session was moderated by Shefali Rekhi, Editor of The Straits Times Asian Insider.


Distinguished speakers shared their views on the future of renewable energy sources in the post-pandemic era and answered to such questions as “When will governments publicize their plans to decarbonize?”, “Are decarbonizing science breakthroughs over emphasized in terms of cost and time – or ignored?” and others.


Sergey Demin stated that having access to a stable and reliable energy source plays a vital role in the unpredictable times. He shared Rosatom competences in hydrogen sphere and stated, that “We believe, that hydrogen is a key piece of the climate neutrality as it’s a viable solution to many of the world’s climate neutrality objectives - it unleashes the potential of renewables, ensures energy system efficiency, and enables a carbon-neutral industry and transport system”. Hydrogen technologies can contribute to the decarbonization of global economies, especially within industry and transport sectors. Hydrogen can also in many cases replace coal, oil, and gas as it can be used as fuel and as chemical feedstock”, he added.


Sergey Demin reminded that Rosatom lead the hydrogen energy R&D program in Russia that included production, storage and consumption technologies, and was currently working on the pilot projects in Asia and Europe.  “With a solid record in the nuclear industry, State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom has a substantial technological and research potential for the development of main hydrogen production methods”, Sergey Demin concluded.


Held on Horasis‘ digital conferencing platform, the event brought together over 400 business and political leaders from across Asia and the world. Delegates discussed how to shape the path forward through Asia’s big transitions and how to use known innovations in creating a resilient post-COVID Asia.