Specialists started the primary circuit safety system testing at Unit 2 of the Belarusian NPP (General Designer and General Contractor: the Engineering Division of Rosatom).

The first stage will test the performance of safety pump units to confirm their flow characteristics. Then, the specialists will begin testing all active systems ensuring proper operation of the primary reactor circuit.

Safety system testing is a strictly regulated process opening the commissioning stage in the reactor compartment of the power unit.

The Belarusian NPP with two reactors of VVER-1200 type with a total capacity of 2,400 MW is being constructed in Astravyets (Republic of Belarus). Russian 3+ generation design has been chosen for the first NPP in Belarus, which is in full compliance with international safety standards and recommendations of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Unit 1 of the Belarusian NPP is the first of the newest 3+ generation units built abroad using Russian technologies. Currently, three units of this type are successfully operating in Russia: two at the Novovoronezh NPP and one at the Leningrad NPP. Russian fourth 3+ generation unit, Unit 6 at the Leningrad NPP, reached first criticality this August. Also, this technology has been adopted by such countries as Finland, Hungary, Bangladesh, etc.