New semester of “International Smart Holidays with the “Rosatom School”, organized in the framework of the “Rosatom School” project, wrapped up in Turkey

84 children from nine countries, including Vietnam, have safely arrived back home after attending a Rosatom initiated summer school on the shores of the Black Sea in Turkey. Over the period of two weeks from the 5th until the 19th of June 2018, the coastline was transformed into the magical city of “Artville”, an unique meeting point where intellectually talented kids from across the globe and their team leaders worked together to make the future of the world better.

Children from Vietnam, Egypt, Kenya, Ghana, Russia, Turkey, Hungary, Slovakia and Bangladesh not only lived together but learned to understand each other and work together, by truly overcoming language and cultural boundaries. With the FIFA World Cup-2018 in full swing in Russia, football was certainly one of the most popular “common languages” and dominated free time occupation in Artville. The children also had the opportunity to attend one or several of the eight entertainment workshops provided and choose between theatre, dance, street art, animation, landscape gardening, engineering installation, music mixing or photography.

From the first day upon arrival the children were immersed in multilingual educational and entertainment events, staging their own immersive theater performance, curating personal exhibitions, creating educational quests as well as presenting their national cultures to other participants. The children from Vietnam prepared a performance to introduce the Vietnamese traditions and customs at the welcome party. They delivered an unique stage which not only showed their huge efforts but it also made a good impression of Vietnam on the international friends.

“Rosatom International Smart Holidays helped me learn a lot about self-sufficiency, responsibility, solidarity and love. The camp’s activities changed me in such a positive way that I never expected, I overcame the language barriers, became more active and gained confidence. I am no longer scared of joining extracurricular activities and making new friends. Through each of the activities, I also learned to calm myself down and be patient in any situations to get the best solutions for my problems.
Thanks to the organizers and all camp members, I had a precious memory this summer and I believe all the skills that I have learned here will accompany me on my future path”.

Vu Mai Linh, participant

“Vinatom’s children in general and my daughter in particular had the most wonderful opportunities to get acquainted with different religious, geographic, socio-economic and cultural characteristics. The kids had chances to explore themselves, develop new skills in arts and sports so their abilities and creative potential will be revealed.
I hope that with all the experience received from the camp, our children will become active, sociable, self-confident and knowledgeable so wherever they go, whatever they become in the future, they will be able to master their life”.

Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, parents

This camp ended but the children will carry along with them the memories of new friends, wonderful moments when they enjoy the camp’s activites and learn new skills, which made this shift to become magical and unforgettable time. Everyone feels in their hearts a huge gratitude to the project Rosatom School for the opportunity to live brightly, amicably and creatively these wonderful days.