ZiO-Podolsk JSC (belongs to Atomenergomash, Rosatom engineering unit) has developed a unique cutting tool with vibration damping elements. This is a special-purpose equipment intended for machining the vessels of the future icebreaker reactors under the LEADER project. It is designed for unique high-speed deep drilling of large holes in reactor vessel equipment. Two invention applications have been submitted to FIPS (Federal Institute of Industrial Property) following the experimental studies and implementation of the technical solutions at the production site.


ZiO-Podolsk adopted a set of unique patented technology solutions allowing for mastering the production of ship reactor vessel equipment (RITM-200 and RITM-400 power plants) from scratch for the first time in Russia and in the world. The technologies made possible the 20% reduction in the reactor equipment manufacturing cycle.


 “The technical solutions translated into practice are used in manufacturing of the reactor equipment with the RITM-200 power plant intended for the new generation icebreakers “Arktika”, “Ural”, “Sibir”, “Yakutia” and “Chukotka”,” said Viktor Terekhov, Deputy Chief Technical Officer - Director for Science at ZiO-Podolsk. “It took us considerable effort to develop unique technical competencies that can be adopted in other branches of engineering. In other words, we have made a breakthrough in the nuclear power engineering, including the adoption of unique innovative solutions for critical equipment manufacturing. We have had our technical solutions confirmed by a lot of Russian patents for inventions. We are proud that our efforts invested in these developments received acknowledgement at a high federal level.”