Hydraulic testing is a mandatory type of inspection, which is carried out to check the strength and tightness of high-pressure equipment. Hydraulic testing of the icebreaker reactor vessel was performed by filling of the internal volume with condensate and gradual increase of pressure to 270 atmospheres. After reduction of pressure to 216 atmospheres the specialists examined the vessel for absence of deformations and leaks. The results of hydraulic tests have confirmed the strength and reliability of the structure. At present the preparations are underway for the fit-up assembly of the vessel of the first SGU of the RITM-200 RP, complete with internals and the lid.

In addition, the second SGU for the Yakutia serial icebreaker has been mounted in its proper location on an assembly slipway. The workers are to install the reactor internals, perform welding operation of 12 steam generator (SG) cassettes in the flange area, perform hydraulic testing and fit-up assembly with components. After that both units will be prepared for shipment.

It should be reminded that ZiO-Podolsk has previously manufactured and supplied the main equipment of a RITM-200 onboard reactor plant for the latest Russian project 22220 universal nuclear-powered head icebreaker LK-60Ya (Arktika) as well as the Sibir and the Ural serial icebreakers for the country's civil nuclear fleet. In addition, the factory manufactures vessel equipment (hydroaccumulators, water storage tanks, hydroaccumulator tanks, pressurizers).

Enterprises of Atomenergomash JSC provide the entire chain of production of the RITM-200 nuclear engine – from design and production of workpieces to manufacturing and installation of equipment. OKBM Afrikantov JSC acts as a designer and single-source manufacturer.