On November 16, Rosatom announced the results of the international educational project Global Atomic Quiz 2023, which is traditionally held on November 10, World Science Day. In 2023, the 24-hour online quiz attracted over 10 thousand people from more than 60 countries. 
The educational project Global Atomic Quiz engages more and more new participants – this year, students and schoolchildren from Myanmar joined the quiz for the first time, while newbies from some African countries, including Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal and South Africa, manifested themselves as active participants. The format of the popular science quiz allows everyone not only to test their knowledge, but also to learn something new about various applications of atomic technologies in everyday life. 
Besides the online format, the quiz was held at 17 different international venues, including the new Atom pavilion at VDNH in Moscow, Nuclear Technology Information Centers, schools and universities around the world. In total, about 800 students and schoolchildren from Bangladesh, Belarus, Hungary, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Russia, Myanmar, Turkey and Uzbekistan took part in the Global Atomic Quiz in person. Participants had the chance to answer 20 questions from various knowledge areas and of various difficulty levels. For example, what do the human heart and a nuclear power plant have in common? How can we get to the North Pole? And what keeps the Mars rover warm at night? Some of this year questions were generated using neural networks, and visitors, for the first time, had the opportunity to communicate with participants from other cities and countries via international teleconference and jointly test their knowledge. When participants had completed the quiz, invited experts commented on the correct answers at each venue. 
100 participants with the top scores from Armenia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Hungary, Russia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Myanmar and other countries became prizewinners. The list is published on quiz.atomforyou.com. They will soon receive unique gifts: a sweatshirt with unique atomic patches and a spacious tote bag with atomic print. 
While waiting for the next Global Atomic Quiz 2024, anyone can practice and test their knowledge by answering quiz questions of previous years on the project website. 
Global Atomic Quiz is not just a popular science quiz, but a truly global educational project that talks about the basics of nuclear physics, shows the importance of nuclear technologies in everyday life and highlights the role that nuclear power plays in preserving our fragile planet. Since its launch in 2020, the Global Atomic Quiz has been conducted in more than 11 languages and has attracted over 40,000 enthusiasts from 70+ countries. This year the quiz was available in 13 languages: Russian, English, Armenian, Bengali, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Kazakh, Portuguese, Turkish, Uzbek, Arabic and Afrikaans. In 2023, the project received a prize in the Science for the World nomination at the IX Russian Fidelity to Science Prize ceremony. Russia is actively developing its cooperation with foreign countries. The major joint projects are underway in the nuclear sector. Rosatom and its divisions are actively involved in this work.