CDBMB JSC (a part of Rosatom machine building division – Atomenergomash) manufactured and shipped four zeolite filters for Xudapu NPS Unit 3 in China.

Zeolite filters are included into the gas treatment systems installed at nuclear power stations. The filters are intended for deep dehydration of radioactive gas flow coming after that to the next treatment stages. Mineral zeolite is used as adsorbent. Four zeolite filters (two main and two redundant) are needed for one Unit.

Zeolite filter is a hollow vessel of cylindrical form, manufactured from stainless steel. The length of the casing is 3,5 meter, the diameter is 0,4 meter. A coil is located inside the casing; the coil is necessary for cooling the zeolite, which heats up during adsorption. The weight of one filter (without filling) is 350 kg. Each filter contains 340 litres of zeolite adsorber. Adsorber after adsorbtion is dehydrated with passing of the gas heated up to 420 °C. The service life of the filter is 60 years.

Zeolite filters are new product for CDBMB, the design documentation for them was developed by Company’s engineers in 2021 from zero. The first four filters were shipped in March 2023 to Tianwan NPS Unit 7 being under construction in China.

Xudapu NPS is a project of cooperation between Russia and China in the field of energy, located in the city of Huludao (Liaoning Province). As part of the project, Units 3 and 4 with VVER-1200 reactors and gross installed capacity of 2400 MW are under construction.

Russia is consistently developing the international trade and economic relations, placing an emphasis on cooperation with friendly countries. Despite external restrictions, the domestic economy is increasing its export potential, delivering the goods, services and raw materials around the world. Atomenergomash JSC takes an active part in this work.


Central Design Bureau of Machine Building was founded in 1945. CDBMB with a multidisciplinary design team, its own research, experimental and production facilities is the leading enterprise of Rosatom State Corporation. CDBMB is a developer and manufacturer of reactor coolant pumps for VVER reactors. In addition, the Company designs and manufactures canned, cantilever, feed, emergency pumps for nuclear power stations and a wide range of remotely controlled equipment for handling the radioactive materials. The Company offers process solutions in the field of thermal power, gas and petrochemicals (LNG technologies), shipbuilding and equipment for waste processing plants as well.

Atomenergomash JSC is the machine building division of Rosatom State Corporation, one of the leading power engineering companies in Russia in terms of production and revenue. The holding group is the supplier of reactor island and turbine room equipment for all Russian-design NPS under construction, the manufacturer of equipment for LNG projects, waste-to-energy plants, the developer and supplier of integrated solutions for energy, oil and gas, shipbuilding and other industries. Our technologies and equipment ensure the operation of about 20% of nuclear power plants in the world. The Company unites the leading research, engineering and manufacturing enterprises in Russia and abroad. Member of the Russian Engineering Union.