Saint Petersburg – Helsinki, April 28, 2020 – Scheduled inspection of RAOS Project, the Supplier of the Hanhikivi-1 NPP,  was done by Finnish regulator STUK  in Skype-conference mode. Due to the quarantine and travel restriction measures in Finland and Russia, during three days of April 2022 STUK inspection of Hanhikivi-1 Supplier was conducted remotely.

More than thirty RAOS Project specialists from engineering, configuration, requirements management, quality management, licensing and project management departments were directly involved in the inspection.

STUK’s experts positively assessed the task management functionality on the corporate portal, noted the progress in the development of interface management and documentation management processes, and mentioned well managed technical arrangements for remote inspection.

During the inspection, three out of the existing five requirements were closed. RAOS Project will continue working on the two regulatory requirements remaining open.

Based on three-day discussions, STUK opened a  new requirement related to project management system. STUK stressed the need to address actively project management issues related to the next phase of the project – the construction phase. STUK wants to assess project management organization throughout the full life cycle of the NPP construction – including 6-month transition period, construction and installation phase and NPP start-up works.

The next STUK inspection of RAOS Project is tentatively scheduled for Q4 of 2020.