Hot run of the primary circuit has commenced ahead of schedule on Unit 3 of Tianwan NPP (China), the successful implementation of which will imply the completion of one of the last stages before unit first criticality procedure.  

As it was announced by Mr. Alexey Bannik, JSC ASE Engineering Company director for China projects, that at this stage the coolant of 1st circuit shall be heated up to the rated values to test the reactor and its systems. During hot run all unit systems will be tested under operational parameters: prescribed pressure (160kg/ and 280 degrees as a coolant temperature. Totally, during this stage the experts will perform more than 100 scheduled tests including measurement of vibration characteristics of internals and fuel assembly dummies, assessment of thermal hydraulic parameters of equipment.

Monitoring and control over implementation of operations shall be performed from the main control room (MCR). It is planned to complete the operations during 54 days. After that, it is expected to start the stage of second revision of the main equipment which has been in operation under the preset temperatures. After receiving the operation license from regulatory authority of China the nuclear fuel shall be loaded at Unit 3 of Tianwan NPP.

For reference

Tianwan NPP construction becomes the largest joint project in the field of nuclear power industry between Russia and China. The construction of Units 1&2 with 1000 MW each has been successfully completed in 2007. The basis of Tianwan NPP construction is a Russian VVER-1000 design that fully meets the requirements of up-to-date regulatory and technical documents of China, the Russian Federation and IAEA.
Cooperation in construction of Tianwan NPP Units 3&4 is based on Russian-Chinese Intergovernmental Protocol on cooperation in the construction of Units 3 & 4 of Tianwan NPP on the territory of the People’s Republic of China, dated 06.12.2012. The activities are performed in pursuance of the General Contract on TNPP Units 3&4 which was concluded 23.11.2010 between ASE JSC (the Supplier) and in cooperation with Chinese companies: Jiangsu Nuclear Power Corporation (JNPC), China Nuclear Power Engineering (CNPE), China Nuclear Energy Industry Corporation (CNEIC) (the Customer). In compliance with the General Contract the main obligations of ASE JSC are: Nuclear Island (NI) detailed design development, NI equipment supply, services on installation and adjustment supervision of the main and most important NI equipment, ensuring of NI guarantee performances and also interfaces management for the whole project. Chinese Party is responsible for design and supply of equipment for all the rest of the buildings and structures of TNPP Units 3&4 and partial supply of equipment for NI basing on ASE JSC design documentation requirements.