Moscow, September 7, 2018. — Today marks the end of a five-day tour of Russia’s energy sector for Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN), Indonesia’s state-owned electricity provider. Organised by PLN, the tour included a visit to the National Research Nuclear University MEPhl, Rosatom HQ for business meetings and concluded with a visit to Russia’s nuclear power plant, Novovoronezh NPP.  

Head of the delegation from Indonesia, East Java and Nusa Tenggara Business Director of PLN, Djoko R. Abumanan, was accompanied by senior members of PLN and Indonesian media as well as representatives from various universities in Indonesia. This meeting between PLN and Rosatom is a first of its kind where the senior management of the biggest electricity company of Indonesia visits Rosatom facilities.

“Indonesia has always been a strategic partner for Rosatom and we are happy to host PT PLN to discuss business opportunities. Being a large potential market today, Indonesia’s electricity needs will only increase over the years and we are happy to support PLN to address that need,” Mr. Evgeny Pakermanov, President of Rosatom Overseas said, welcoming partners at the Moscow office.

Visit to Novovoronezh NPP and MEPhl
Part of the tour of Rosatom facilities also included a visit to Novovoronezh NPP. Russia’s NPP has been the first plant in the world with Generation 3+ reactor of Russian VVER-1200 design (water-cooled water-moderated power reactor). VVER reactors are among the world’s most widely used reactors.

“This visit gave us an even better understanding of the business opportunities we can achieve with Rosatom and implement at home. It was a great experience to also visit a nuclear power plant and get a first-hand look at the technology behind it,” PLN said.

Before concluding PLN’s visit with the tour to the NPP, the delegation also visited MEPhl, Russian’s leading nuclear engineering university, to find out more on talent development within the industry. Nurturing of highly qualified personnel is integral to the success of any nuclear program. MEPhl leads a network of 11 universities across Russia providing high education degree programs in the nuclear field equipping future nuclear engineers with the right skillsets needed for the lifecycle of a nuclear program.

“We work with Rosatom closely to coach students with not only theories within the study of nuclear energy and technologies but also enabling them to be a part of the practical projects that gives these future engineers a first-hand look at what goes on in a nuclear program,” said Tatyana Leonova, vice president of MEPhI.

“We are also happy to broaden our existing network by establishing cooperation with other universities from Indonesia as it presents us with great opportunities for future collaborations,” Tatiana Leonova continued.

For reference:

Established in 1945, PLN is the only state-owned enterprise in the power sector ensuring everyone in Indonesia has access to electricity. Since its establishment, the company has since made rapid progress and in 2015 was recognized as one of the 500 biggest companies in the world.

Rosatom (State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom) is a Russian state corporation, one of the global technology leaders. It is among the largest companies of the Russian Federation and one of the biggest tax payers of the country. It unites assets in the field of nuclear energy, NPP designing and construction and nuclear power engineering. State Corporation Rosatom is the largest power generating company in Russia, which in 2017 generated 202 868 billion kWh of electricity (18.9% of the total electricity generated in Russia). Rosatom holds the first place in the world in terms of volume of foreign projects portfolio (35 power units in 11 countries), second place in the world in uranium reserves and forth place in uranium mining.  State Corporation Rosatom covers 17% of the global nuclear fuel market. Rosatom activities also include the manufacture of equipment and isotope products for use in nuclear medicine, research and development, material sciences, supercomputers and software, manufacture of various nuclear and non-nuclear innovative products. The Rosatom strategy foresees the development of the projects for clean energy generation, including wind power engineering. Rosatom unites over 300 enterprises and companies, including the unique world nuclear icebreaking fleet.