On November 2, Rosatom Atomflot's nuclear container carrier Sevmorput left the port of St. Petersburg for the port of Vladivostok. The world's only cargo vessel equipped with a nuclear power facility is to carry the general cargo intended for the Rooppur NPP that is under construction in the People's Republic of Bangladesh. The nuclear-powered container carrier Sevmorput has 1.4 thousand tons of cargo on board. The major part of that cargo consists of metal structures and mechanisms. “This is the first eastbound voyage of the nuclear-powered container carrier this year,” said Mustafa Kashka, Atomflot Director General. “At present, one can observe the active ice formation in the water area of the Northern Sea Route, but the vessel's technical characteristics allow it to pass the entire route without icebreaker assistance. The crew is ready to take on the mission which is associated with great responsibility for the delivery of Rosatom's cargo inteded for the NPP under construction along the Northern Sea Route”. “Timely delivery of equipment and materials to NPPs under construction is very important to successful implementation of our projects on time and on budget. Our cooperation with Atomflot helps us to achieve our goals,” said Dmitry Tyukaev, Vice President for Procurement and Supply at ASE JSC. “The transportation potential of our vessel is unique,” said Sergei Bralgin, Captain of the nuclear-powered container carrier Sevmorput. “The vessel is self-sustaining and capable of taking on board oversized and heavy cargo, which makes it possible to use fewer vessels in sea transportation. The container carrier is equipped with cranes, which allows for cargo unloading onto an unequipped berth. This operation has been worked out on the coast ice belt." The passage to the port of destination is planned to take about 25 days. In Vladivostok, the cargo will be unloaded to be further transported to Bangladesh. Background The nuclear-powered container carrier Sevmorput was built in Kerch at Zaliv shipyard. The vessel was commissioned on December 31, 1988. The main characteristics of the nuclear-powered container carrier "Sevmorput": nuclear power capacity - 29 MW (40,000 hp); length overall - 260.23 meters; breadth overall - 32.2 meters; displacement - 61880 tons; deadweight - 33980 tons.