ROSATOM’s wind power division NovaWind has started to supply wind-generated power to the power utility company Petroelectrosbyt (PES), enabling it to provide customers with ‘green’ electricity generated at wind power plants. Earlier, PES signed a contract with VetroSGC-2 (part of NovaWind) for the supply of 1.8 million kWh of electricity from the Berestovskaya Wind Farm.
The signing of the agreement gives the power supply organization the opportunity to provide its customers with "green" electricity produced by wind farms.
“ROSATOM continues to pursue its low-carbon transition policy, making a sizeable contribution to the achievement of global climate goals. This contract is yet another proof that we are committed to working with the companies that choose to optimise their processes and minimise environmental impact. We are also committed to improving our own environmental performance and expanding our low-carbon generation capacity. I am sure that our green strategy will help us attract even more companies determined to make their businesses more sustainable in the long term,” NovaWind CEO Grigoriy Nazarov noted.
“The trend for carbon footprint reduction is sure to continue in the long term. This is why Petroelectrosbyt pays much attention to the customer demand for sustainable development and green transition. With this contract, we can supply electricity from renewable sources on demand. We are doing our best to be a partner that is easy to work with and ready to follow the latest trends by embracing advanced power grid technologies,” Alexey Murovets, General Director of PES, said.
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NovaWind is Rosatom's wind power division consolidating efforts of the Russian nuclear corporation in advanced areas of the energy generation technology. Established in September 2017, the company accumulates Rosatom’s competencies in wind power generation, from design and construction to mechanical engineering and operation of wind farms. As of today, NovaWind has commissioned 780 MW of wind power capacity. By the end of 2023, it is planned to commission another 255 MW. By 2027, Rosatom will put a total of around 1.7 GW of wind capacity in operation.
Petroelectrosbyt Joint Stock Company (PES JSC) is an electricity distribution company that has been operating on the wholesale electricity and capacity market for over 20 years and selling over 3 billion kWh annually to more than 90 large consumers in 11 regions of Russia.
Renewable power is supplied under non-regulated bilateral contracts made in accordance with the Wholesale Electricity and Capacity Market Rules, with the generator required to specify the delivery point group used for renewable power sale. All information on power volumes sold and parties involved is stored in a non-regulated bilateral contract register updated monthly by NP Market Council Association. This type of contracts is increasingly common in the Russian wholesale electricity market as the country’s renewable generation is evolving. By concluding them, responsible consumers confirm the use of green energy in their operations. Globally, direct contracts with generators, known as power purchase agreements (PPA), are widespread among businesses buying electricity from renewable sources. The use of bilateral contracts for confirmation of renewable energy use is an established practice that meets the reporting standards of the Climate Disclosure Project (CDP). To date, such agreements have already been signed with BIAXPLEN, the Delo Group, the Dobrino (EkoNiva Group), etc.

Source: Press service of NovaWind