ZiO-Podolsk JSC, a part of Atomenergomash JSC, the machine-building division of Rosatom, has started welding the first girth seam on a half-vessel of the second RITM-200 reactor plant for Chukotka, the fourth Project 22220 serial new-generation nuclear-powered icebreaker.
The first girth seam will join two halves of the reactor vessel together. Automatic welding of the closure seam is performed continuously for 7 days, in three shifts, and with the metal being constantly heated to 200 degrees. The diameter of the girth seam will be 2.8 meters with the thickness of 150 mm. This welded joint belongs to the first category seams, so it will be subject to the most stringent requirements during subsequent quality control. The length of the reactor plant vessel for connection of two components – the flange with the shell and the shell with the head – will be 8 meters.
Automatic submerged arc welding is used to weld the vessel of RITM-200 reactor plants. Its basic advantages are a high degree of mechanization which minimizes human error, high welding capacity, good protection of the weld pool against the impact of the ambient air, and low electrode metal loss factor.
At the same time, the manufacturing of the first RITM-200 reactor vessel is in progress, and the operations for mechanical processing of the first RITM-400 reactor plant parts for the advanced first-in-class nuclear ice-breaker Russia within 10510 Leader project are performed.

Atomenergomash JSC is the machine-building division of Rosatom and one of the leading power engineering companies in Russia with regard to the production output and revenue. The holding is a single-source manufacturer of reactor island and turbine hall equipment for all NPPs of the Russian design under construction, manufacturer of equipment for LNG projects as well as power-generating waste processing plants, developer and supplier of integrated solutions for power engineering enterprises, the oil and gas sector, shipbuilding, and other industries. Our technologies and equipment ensure operation of about 20% of NPPs around the world. The company unites major research, engineering, and production enterprises in Russia and abroad. It is a member of the Russian Mechanical Engineering Union. www.aem-group.ru
ZIO-Podolsk Mechanical Engineering Plant Joint-Stock Company (ZIO-Podolsk JSC) is one of the major manufacturers of highly sophisticated heat exchange equipment for fuel and power sector facilities: nuclear and thermal power plants, oil and gas industry, shipbuilding. 100% of nuclear power plants in Russia, starting with the world's first NPP in Obninsk, are furnished with ZiO-branded equipment. ZiO-Podolsk JSC is Russia's first and only enterprise manufacturing coil heat exchangers for low-temperature gas processing under the Yamal LNG project.
Enterprises of Atomenergomash JSC provide the entire chain of manufacture of the RITM-200 nuclear engine – from design and production of workpieces to manufacturing and installation of equipment. OKBM Afrikantov JSC acts as a designer and single-source vendor. RITM-200 reactor plants for the new-generation first-in-class ice-breaker Arktika and commercial nuclear ships Sibir, Ural, and Yakutia for the civil nuclear fleet of the country were shipped from the production facilities of ZIO-Podolsk JSC and installed on the ships within the period from 2016 to 2021.
Comprehensive development of the Russian Arctic zone is one of the strategic national priorities. Effective operation of Project 22220 universal nuclear-powered icebreakers is a crucial factor in the sustainable development of shipping in the waters of the Northern Sea Route. Currently, there are three nuclear-powered vessels of this project operating in the Arctic – Arktika, Sibir, and Ural. The construction of the Ural and Chukotka universal nuclear icebreakers continues in Saint Petersburg. Putting new icebreakers into operation will help unlock the transport potential of the Northern Sea Route.