Russian State Atomic Energy Corp. (Rosatom) is pursuing opportunities in the use in the Philippines of nuclear technology in fields other than power generation, like science, healthcare, agriculture, and geology.

To do this, Rosatom said in a statement it had partnered with the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute and private firms like A Brown Co. Inc. In particular, Rosatom is supporting the creation of a Center for Nuclear Science and Technology (CNST), which can have several features, including a Center for Nuclear Medicine, a research reactor, research laboratories and a multipurpose irradiation center.

“Such centers can contribute to the improvement of living standards in a country by creating new jobs, spurring the development of medicine, solving some agricultural problems and many more,” Rosatom Southeast Asia director Egor Simonov said in a statement.

“Along with social improvements, they create a solid foundation for the development of nuclear industry,” Simonov said. He said the facility could produce radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals to be used for diagnostics of cancer, cardiac and neurological diseases.

Also, the multipurpose irradiation center can be built to perform irradiation and sterilization of foodstuffs and medical supplies. “The Philippines is one of the world’s top exporter of bananas, which s in demand in the European market and valued for its good nutritional properties,” Simonov said. “If the Philippines intends to be the main exporter of this product, the country must improve its production conditions,” he added. “This is but one example of possible use of the technology in agriculture.”

Under a memorandum of understanding with the Department of Science and Technology—to which PNRI is attached — Rosatom is providing technical aid.