The operator of Russia's 10 civilian nuclear power plants, Rosenergoatom, said yesterday they had generated 196.37 TWh of electricity last year, up from 195.21 TWh in 2015.

A subsidiary of state nuclear corporation ROSATOM, Rosenergoatom said its plants currently account for 18.6% of the country's total electricity production. Excluding Novovoronezh 6, a VVER-1200 that was connected to the grid last year, the ten plants consist of 34 units. Of these, 17 are VVERs (12 VVER-1000s and six VVER-440s); 15 are channel reactors (11 RMBK-1000s and four EGP-6 reactors); and two are fast neutron sodium-cooled reactors (BN-600 and BN-800).