If Vietnam is going to build the nuclear power plant, Russia will become the preferred partner, The Vietnamese ambassador in Moscow Ngo Duc Manh said in his speech.

"We really want to build a nuclear power plant in Vietnam so that we have enough energy sources, but unfortunately, the economy has not allowed it yet. If we decide to build a nuclear power plant, the Russian partner will be the top priority of us," - he told to the media.

Before that there was information that Moscow and Hanoi are going to terminate the agreement for Russian credits to Vietnam for the NPP project.
Vietnam has planned to build nuclear power plant Ninh Thuan-1 based on Russian project. Loan agreement was signed on March 11, 2011. But the project was stopped in the year 2016 by the Vietnamese side. It was the announcement that Vietnam decided to do so as for economic reasons.

Source: vn.sputniknews.com