The World Nuclear Association announced that the world community has to increase significantly the energy production, using clean energy, by 2025.

Thus, the number of countries developing nuclear energy is increasing. These are UAE, Turkey, Belarus, Bangladesh. Furthermore, the world needs to build new reactors with a total capacity of 1000 GW to meet the global demand for electricity. With this regard, a global vision for the future of the electric power industry was developed, it is the Harmony program. Its aim is to provide 25% of the world's total electricity production by 2050. Due to the usage of this program, a favorable atmosphere for cooperation will be created, new safety standards will be implemented and the economic situation of the countries will be improved. This stated Jeremy Gordon at the International Forum Atomexpo-2018. Despite the development of nuclear power, its share in the energy market is decreasing. At the same time, if its share increases to 25%, then the energy balance will be reached, and the level of emissions will be reduced. The introduction of new sources of electricity, as well as reduction of emissions will contribute to ensure the harmonious supply of the electricity in the future. According to him, it is necessary to make changes in the nuclear power sector to deal with the obstacles. Moreover, in Jeremy’s opinion it is necessary to develop new safety standards for the society and the environment. It is necessary to take into account the attitude of society towards atomic energy.

This also stated the Director General of the World Nuclear Association Agneta Rising. She believes nuclear energy is of key role in the global energy development; with its help it is possible to create a new layer of energy that is safe for the environment. The nuclear power plant construction is still under disputes in some countries. This is mainly related to security issues. Sometimes people protest against the nuclear power plants construction.

To introduce nuclear energy to the people, a number of educational events are organized. At the same time, the significant role is of the government and the media. Working in this direction, the public interest in nuclear power plant construction can be increased. This announced Kirill Komarov, First Deputy Director General of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom.

Thus, the issue of acceptance by the society of atomic energy is especially acute in Indonesia. The people are concerned about the geographical situation and the safety. Mr. Komarov noted that it was necessary to provide people with the necessary information about the possible ways of using nuclear energy and its benefits. There are 18 Russian Centers of Nuclear Power constantly informing the local residents on the activities of the centers. He believes that cooperation with the society is extremely important. The public can ask questions at any time. If the public will feel favorably towards the nuclear power plants construction in the country, then it would be not necessary to wait until 2050.
Source: Liputan6